Jim Carson

JIM CARSON, a former Marine, was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee.  His pursuit of a vocation that would satisfy his dreams led him to many occupations: firefighter, soybean farmer, director of Underwater Rescue, night school teacher, and the job that always paid the bills, commercial construction contractor.
Ask him to tell you about the time he was flying to his house in Key West and walked away after totaling his V-tail Bonanza on takeoff from the Destin Airport or the time he was hired as a sparring partner, unaware it was Davy Moore, the Featherweight Champion of the World—he was paid $10 a round.

He filled yellow pads with notes of his travels and experiences, until one day while making a speech, someone said, “you ought to write a book.” Though he knew he had failed English Composition more than once, he never gave up on his love for writing.

The first book of his trilogy, A Chasing After The Wind, is available in e-book, hardcover, and paperback.  The sequel, A Man’s Hungry Heart, will be ready for purchase in the spring of 2015.  His third novel, A Woman’s Choice, is under construction.

Jim has two adult children, one lives in Nashville, Tennessee and the other lives in Richmond, Virginia. He lives in Memphis in a 1920 Italian style house with a leak in the tile roof that nobody can find.

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